2016 Fall Hair Trends


Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to start considering switching up your ‘do for the new season! You can switch it up with a new cut, color, or way of styling this Fall – here’s how:





Statement Fringe


Make a statement this Fall with a bold fringe. Blunt bangs can give your look a nice edge, and can help make a larger forehead look smaller.



20s Era Bob


Gatsby inspired looks are back in a big way this season (including finger curls!), but with a modern update. These blunt cuts suit a variety of face shapes; just ask your stylist what type of bob would suit you best. Angled bobs can give the illusion of a longer face, while medium length bobs can help provide a more flexible balance.



Texture in Mind


This fall it’s all about texture, and embracing it. Try a cut that enhances your hair’s natural texture. If you have incredibly curly hair but want to cut down on frizz, the longer the cut the more it will be weighed down and less likely to frizz. If you have straight, flat hair, a layered cut will help add in body and fullness.







Nude hair colors are very popular this season, but we’re not talking about hair that’s the same color as your skin. Nude colors are simply neutral colors, with an equal amount of warm and cool tones.



Color Bleed


Color bleeds are a great, no fuss way to have some fun with your hair color. Keep your roots natural, and then fade them into a fun, quirky color. Keeping your roots natural allows you more flexibility with salon visits, and the color will fade into a nice ombre.



Denim Blue


Denim blue hair is slightly more wearable than your standard shades of blue. It’s smoky, subtle, and has just enough edge to it. Pick your favorite shade just like you’d do with your jeans – acid washed, standard blue, or a dark indigo.




 Michael Kors show, Backstage, Fall Winter 2016, New York Fashion Week, America - 16 Feb 2016

Natural Texture


Let your hair do what it naturally this fall, and embrace your natural texture. Letting your waves stay wavy or your curls stay curled will help reduce heat damage, and allow you to grow your hair long and strong for the winter. Select products that work best with your hair type, and be sure to ask your stylist for their recommendations.





Sub knotted styles for ponytails this season. Wear them loose for a more relaxed look, or smooth and tight for a chicer, modern appearance. Simply gather your hair into a pony, and then wrap multiple sections around the base, secure, and you’re good to go!



Antique Accessories


Play up your natural texture or knotted ‘do with some antique or vintage inspired accessories. Think thick, beaded headbands and intricate pins. These accessories can quickly class up a simple hairdo, and require minimal effort.



Which of these trends do you plan on trying this fall? If you’re looking forward to a fresh cut or color, or simply want some hands on training styling your hair, our stylists at Blake Rose Salon + Spa are here to help! , Give us a call at 614.824.5101 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.