How To Make Your After Facial Feeling Last


When you take the time and money to treat yourself to a facial, why wouldn’t you want to make that feeling last as long as possible? Smooth, clear skin and an even complexion? Sign us up.


In order to stretch your facial as long as possible, follow these do’s and dont’s of after facial care, and your skin will continue glowing well after your most recent treatment.




Stay out of the sun.


After a facial, your skin is vulnerable and can get damaged. Limit sun exposure the day of your facial, and make it an opportunity to relax at home. After you’ve given your skin some sun time-out, be sure to always use a facial sunscreen to protect from those dangerous UV rays.


Drink up.


We don’t mean mimosas and margaritas, we mean h20. Water is essential for healthy skin, and even more so after a facial. Keep your skin hydrated and plump by drinking the recommended amount of water every day.


Use hydrating masks.


Along with drinking lots of water, use a hydrating mask to restore any moisture that may have been lost during a more intense facial treatment.


Use antioxidant treatments.


Your skin needs antioxidants to look and feel healthy. Using an antioxidant treatment after your facial will help heal the skin and protect that perfect complexion.


Skip the makeup.


Makeup can clog those newly cleaned pores, so try to avoid wearing it if you feel comfortable. If you’d rather wear some makeup, make sure it’s mineral. Mineral makeup is gentler on the skin and won’t clog pores as easily.


Wash your face.


In the days after your facial, you still need to cleanse your skin. Though your skin will be squeaky clean after the fact, dirt and oil still makes its way onto your face, so be sure to cleanse your skin every day, morning and night, to wash away any impurities.





Touch your face.


Much easier said than done, not touching your face will keep it clear of dirt and grime being deposited onto your fresh skin. Since never touching your face is impossible, make sure to wash your hands frequently to keep them clean.



Whether you’re a facial junkie and want beautiful skin 24/7, or just want to treat yourself every now and then and make the results last, follow any of these tips and your after facial skin will be sure to last.


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