Transitioning Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

summer to fall

The evenings are getting a little cooler, the air a little crisper, and the leaves are starting to turn vibrant hues of orange and red. With summer coming to a close and fall creeping in, that means your beauty routine is going to need an update if you want to stay in season.


To help with the transition, we’ve put together a list of the must-follow beauty trends of the upcoming season, and how you can start incorporating them into your daily routine.


Swap Bright Liner for Bold


Turquoise and jewel toned eyeliners are being left behind in exchange for dark, bold colors. Blacks and browns can be drawn on messily, precisely, or graphically this fall. Just remember this: the more eyeliner, the better.


To start implementing dark liner into your everyday look start with a simple line in the waterline. Smudge it out a bit for a smoky look, or lock it in place with a shadow for a more precise look.


Bring Down Bright Lips


Hot pink and coral lips should be tucked away in the back of your drawers to make room for dark, vampy colors. This fall your lip colors should fall more closely on the spectrum to black than red for a really dramatic look. Deep purples, reds, browns, and even blues really add the drama this season.


If you’re a bit hesitant to rock dark purple lips, start out with a brownish red and work your way up to something more dramatic. If you don’t typically wear dark colors, keep the rest of your makeup neutral so as to not overpower your features.


Ditch the Lipbrush


If bold lip colors aren’t your forté don’t worry! Precise lipstick lines are easily replaced with stained, feathery lips. A subtle wash of color or a lip stain will do perfectly this fall, and they’re incredibly forgiving! You won’t have to worry about smudging or constant touch ups throughout the day.


Simply throw some on before you head out the door and touch up whenever you feel like it.


Aim for Neutral Skin


Neutral, natural skin is in this fall, so trade in your dewy finished foundations for more natural, velvety creams. You can skip full coverage this fall, and aim for a more sheer base that lets your natural texture shine through.


Opt for a light coverage foundation or cream, and powder lightly all over. Your skin shouldn’t look completely matte, and you should just have a subtle sheen of natural glow across the areas that normally get a bit shiny.


Get Playful with Peach


Peach shades are normally reserved for spring, but using them this fall can add an unexpected twist and warmth to your makeup look. Swipe peach shades across your lids for a subtle, yet warm look, or add a peach blush to your cheeks for a more neutral pop of flush.


Swap out your neutral browns or greys for peach shades, and deepen the crease a bit with a light brown if you don’t find there’s enough contrast between your lid and crease. This eye look is incredibly simple, and takes next to no time. What a win!



If you’re looking to transition your hairstyle from summer to fall with a fresh new cut or color, or simply want a custom fall makeup application, Blake Rose Salon + Spa is here to help. Give us a call at 614.824.5101 or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment to refresh your look for the upcoming season.