About Brittany

Brittany has been a committed member of the Blake Rose team since before the salon opened. After leaving a corporate career as an accountant to pursue her dream of becoming a hairstylist, Brittany attended The Aveda Institute and then worked for the Institute for two years. She then assisted Bryan Beaver for a year and a half and completed her apprenticeship. Bryan ensured she had the same confidence and skills as the other seasoned stylists at Blake Rose. She has studied under her hair idols Michael Duenas and Michael Shaun Corby and is committed to continual education to keep up on the most current trends and techniques. As a curly haired girl herself, Brittany is experienced with cutting and styling techniques for curly hair's unique needs. In addition to being an expert stylist and colorist, she also specializes in hair extensions and Keratin smoothing treatments. Brittany combines her perfectionist attention to detail with her belief that a trip to the salon (and life in general) should be fun!